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Download Clash of Lights Private Servers APK 2019

Online games provide many gamers across the globe a whole new world. Today these games are not only games, but each game has a whole new world in it. The gamers explore these worlds and tray and win the game. Sometimes the games are so exciting and hard to play, that the players look for cheats and cracks to play those games.

The players look for Clash of lights and many other Mod APKs which have unlimited game supplies. These Mods help users get free stuff. The strategy games are on the top of the list which the users try and crack to advance in the levels. Among thousands of strategy games is Clash of Clans.

It is one of the most famous and most played online games. More than a million people play this game on a daily basis. They play solo or compete with their friends to win. It is an exciting game. Each version brings something new and adventurous for the players. It is a tough game too. You cannot win easily. It is why just like you many players of this game around the globe look for easy solutions such as game hacks.

Clash Of Lights S1

Clash of lights is the first server called S1, and its worth its enable you to build villages and towns in a short period .that’s why its popularity increasing day by day you can easily generate unlimited gems, gold, and its version enable you to build and customize your heroes, and if you don’t want to customize it is your choice it’s optional for better user experience and safety clash of lights, s1 is emulated with a c+ emulator.

Download Clash Of Lights S1

Clash Of lights S1 Requirement

  • For installing clash of lights s1 we need an android device with the minimum requirement of 4.0.3, 4.0.4 or higher.
  • APK size of modified clash of lights s1 is round about 85 MB.
  • You glad to know its also supported blue stack for the desktop user.

Features of clash of lights S1

  • You’ll glad to know there is no limitation in S1 server of the clash of lights.
  • You can easily generate Gold’Gems’Elixir’dark Elixir ‘Troops’Heroes and which are using in S1.
  • You can create your army with 600 or more than 600 slots.
  • You can play with friends.

Clash Of Lights S2

I know very well you want to know clash of lights s2 don’t worry I will guide each and everything to the point Like requirement and features. Clash of lights battle techniques you can build your empire and army to attack the enemy but make sure this is not possible in one day you need to follow term and condition of the game.

Download Clash Of Lights S2

Clash of lights is the private server of the well-known game clash of clans it is also known as a clash of light magic server it is a little bit similar to this other version, but some feature makes col s2 unique. The most worthy and unique feature of it col s2 work efficiently in the android phone without rooting.

Clash of Lights (COL) S2 Mod APK Minimum Android Requirement

  • You can easily install clash of lights s2 with your Android device root is not needed.
  • Before installing the col s2, you need to check the requirement of establishing minimum android requirement required 4.0.3 or higher.
  • Clash of lights supports all type of screen Large, standard and Extra large.

Clash Of Lights S3

As you know clash of lights S3 is not different of these previous COL S1 and the S2 clash of lights S3 is incremental release resolve bugs and little bit features which make it unique you’ll glad to know you can easily install in your Android or IOS devices without rooting your phone. for better knowledge read features and requirement below.

Download Clash Of Lights S3


  • Create your own alliances.
  • Build Village,Go to Battle & Train Troops.
  • Get Unlimited Gems,Elixir and gold.
  • Work perfectly with android and IOS devices without rooting.


  • You need a strong internet connection to play smoothly.
  • Setup Load several time.
  • It may download some necessary file to play the first time.

Clash Of Lights S4

As you know clash of lights s4 updated version of clash of lights below we are discussing key features and requirement to download and play this game smoothly.

Download Clash Of Lights S4


  • You can generate unlimited Gold, Gems and Elixer.
  • Build Your alliances.
  • Build town and villages.


  • The required strong connection of internet
  • After installing first time pay it may download some files
  • Setup may load several times

COC Private Server To Play Clash of Clans

One of the ways by which you can get unlimited supplies for your game is with the help of private servers. You can join the game on a private server such as Clash Royale Private Server APK. The gaming experience on these servers is brilliant. When you play the game through the server, you will get an unlimited supply of Gold, Gems and all other resources which you need to win the game easily.

These servers are fast. The original clash of Clans server may be slow, but this is the best one yet. You can upgrade your player or hero in a matter of seconds. To make it more exciting, it allows you to design custom heroes and custom buildings. The server also allows you to combine the abilities of the two players and make it one.

So, if you want to download Clash of Lights S3 and unlock all clash of lights features, you must download Clash of Lights mod APK. There is no quicker way to upgrade your players and unlock all the features of the game and get unlimited supplies than to get the Mod APK.

I Hope You Enjoy Read Till The End To Get More Benefit!

About the game and the gameplay

The clash of clans is a strategy game. You can build your base and customize it. You can also create your clan and battle against enemies. The game is free to download but has many in-App purchases. Just like any other strategy game, it requires a lot of things which are not free. The users or the players have to purchase these items to play the game and keep winning.

You will play this game in a story mode where you will protect your clan. The first goal is to protect your clan. You can also expand your clan and battle other clans and win their areas. You can fight duels and battles against other kingdoms. If you win the battle or duel, you will occupy the land of the lost kingdom.

If you lose the battle or duel, you will lose your land. It is why you need to play with strategy and do not use up all the supplies you have. You will get riders, horses, barbarians, dragons, and local villagers, and other members of the clan. These are the resources which you have when you play. You need an elixir to build these resources.

No matter what resource you want, you need elixir for it. When you start the game, you will have the elixir, but it is not enough. You won’t know, and you will run out of elixir and start losing battles. It is why the game has in-app purchases. You can purchase gold, gems, elixir, etc. These items are all very costly. You cannot always pay for these items. You may not want to spend real money on a game. No doubt the developers work hard to create the game, but there are other developers too who hack the game and develop Mods.

These Mods have the items of the game in abundance. You will get unlimited elixir, unlimited gold and coins, etc. with almost everything unlimited you can build a huge clan and build more resources to win every battle. When you play the game without unlimited resources, you cannot win each battle. You will lose resources as you battle each time.

The clash of lights server APK is one of the best downloads. It gives players an unlimited supply of gems and elixir. The players also get an unlimited supply of coins and other resources.

Playing the game easy, especially with an unlimited supply of resources using the Mod APK servers. Now, anyone, even a beginner player can defeat the enemies, win battles and conquer kingdoms.

Choose Mod APK or the COC game strategy

In games such as Clash Of Lights S2, you need to win battles. To win battles, you need resources. The game does not give you unlimited resources to play. Clash of Clans Gameplay is very exciting. If you play the clash of clans, then you will be familiar with the strategies of this game.

If you wish to defeat the enemy in the game, you will have to use various resources with strategy. You will have to play the game using fewer resources. You will have to devise a strategy to attack so that you do not use too many resources, elixir or gems etc. When you go into battle, you will have to rely on the elixir. It is the most valuable asset in the game. You should use it very cautiously and sparingly. It is not easy to get an elixir.

You should also have a strategy to use the weapons. There are various weapons which you should know how to use. Each weapon is good against a specific enemy and for specific enemy land. So when you use a weapon, make sure that you are using it for the right thing. You will have a limited amount of weapons. You may use up all the weapons in one battle.

You also have dragons. You can use dragons on enemies. These dragons are very useful and powerful creatures for the battle. But you should know they use up a lot of elixirs. It is why to use the dragons only when you need them most. Do not call a dragon for fun. It will empty your elixir.

Another resource that the game has gems. These games cast various spells on the enemy. Like other resources, the gems and elixir combine to cast powerful spells. It is why you should use these gems only when you need them most. You will need more elixir to increase the strength of the spell. Make sure that you do not use too much elixir on one spell that you do not have any for other spells. Also, using spells is not easy. You need to use spells at the right time.

Clash of lights all the private servers

It means that you need a proper strategy to win a battle or a duel. When you win a battle, you may conquer not only the land but also the men and other resources.

Playing with strategy and winning each battle and duel takes time. You will have to wait for months before you get to your full strength. You will need ten to twenty days of constant gameplay to build resources for a few duels or battles. So, why wait so long? Why not use a hack or set up a private server. The clash of lights S1 download will help you solve all your problems. Once you set up this server, you will get unlimited resources automatically. You will not have to pay huge amounts of money to get these resources.

Make sure that you download clash of lights S4. It is the latest server APK which has all the latest features for the game. The Clash of Lights S4 features unlimited coins, gems, elixir, and much more.

The game hack with Clash of Lights mod APK

Make sure that you download from a reliable source. There are many Mod APKs which are viruses. It is important that you get your Clash of Lights mod APK from a reliable source. Once you get the hack or the Mod APK, you will have access to unlimited resources. Now you can play the game without getting beaten. No one can beat you in your game now.

You can expand your kingdom as wide as you want. Now it is time you play the unbeatable game. Beat your enemies at your favorite duels and battles. Build your clan and expand it to the entire world in no time. All, thanks to the Clash of lights Mod. If you want to play the game in an unbeatable fashion, it is time you download this Mod server APK.