How to get free gems in clash royale

If you want to have gems in Clash Royale free and unlimited, maybe this Clash Royale trick that we will give you below will be a great help to get all the gems you want, quickly, easily, and totally free. I’m also a super fan of clash royale and I think how can I get free gems in Clash Royale? Very easy, pay a lot of attention to what I will tell you below.

Clash Royale is a Supercell game, as most of you know, consisting of online and live multiplayer battles using a total of 8 cards (War Game). Despite the fact that they can only use the 8 letters in the fight, there are a large number of cards in the game that we will be able to unlock. But to unlock the cards you need a lot of more gems. So I hope you already searched online how you can get free gems in clash royale.

free gems in clash royale

Clash Royale Tips – Get free Gems in Clash Royale

When you search the internet Clash Royale Free Gems, you will come across a lot of options. However, when you try to take them out, you will find that most of them turn out to be a disappointment. So, the first thing you need to do is make sure that the Clash Royale Hack you manage to find is the one that can be trusted. Because most of them are 100% dangerous malware and all the websites that claim that they can give you free gems and coins are fake, they’re a scam.

There were three ways to get gems for clash royale:

  • Clash royale free gems
  • Buy from clash royale shop
  • Clash royale hacking

Best Way to Get Free Gems from Clash Royale Account

1) Chests

You can open chests, which may give a small number of gems for free in clash royale account. Almost Free chest contains around 3 to 5 gems in every second. Bigger chests contain more. So keep unlocking the chests.

2) Quests

You can do achievements when completed, will reward the indicated amount of gems for free. Most of the quests offer gems for their completion. You can easily get 20 gems on completing a quest. You may skip the ones which give you common cards.

3) Shop offers

Sometimes shop will offers you to complete a task after complete shop gives you free gems(around 10–20).

4) Gem Rush Event

It is the best event to earn gems. On destroying your every opponent tower you get some amonut of gems depending on your arena.

5) Earn Free Money

You can download an app like FreeMyApps or BigCash which will be able to give you gems based on how much point or money you earn. BigCash give you for every task completed, you are given points.

6) Hack Clash royale

If you can hack, but this will get your account banned, most likely and you will be hard pressed to find an actual working hack because most of them are either viruses or surveys designed to coax people into completing them.

7) Buy from clash royale shop

If you are thinking to buy clash royale gems from the shop, wait for the Shop Offers. Sometimes you get a hell of a deal for just a couple of bucks. I recently purchased a pack of 1200 gems with 100,000 gold for just 10$. Supercell introduces great deals close to the festive seasons, so waiting can save you money.

8) Clash Royale hacking

As far as hacking is concerned, there are currently no Hacks available for the Clash Royale Game. After Supercell’s Fair Play Policy, even if you have a Root App working in the background, you have fair chances of getting banned. Any hack attempt will ban you. All the claims of Hacking CR and Gem Generator are FAKE. Please do not try those.

You may still install Game Modes and Private Servers just for the sake of fun. But it isn’t really fun.

How to save gems on Clash Royale

This is the best way to save gems from clash royale. The best possible and legit away is to spend them on special challenges.

save clash royale gems
  • Buying legendary or any kind of chests with gems you saved up but it’s just not worth.
  • Don’t and never open chests using gems. It’s never worth it.
  • Starting tournaments is of no use either. Playing in free tourneys sometimes can be rewarding.
  • Buying gold by gems is not worth it. It costs 60 gems to buy 1000 gold. You can get 1400 gold just by unlocking 2 crown chests. So focus more on battling than buying.
  • If there are challenges that reward you with chests, like the recent King’s cup one, then you’re in total luck.

How to get free gems in clash royale

Get gems for clash royale isn’t too easy anymore. The only legit ways to get free gems are through daily offers, free chests, or quests. Any gem generators, even paid ones (which you could just buy the gems without getting scammed) are fake and will do nothing to your account. Clash Royale and every other Supercell game run on a server, and in order to get free gems, you would have to hack the server (which I’m pretty sure is illegal).

Keep in mind that Clash royals generate their income by selling gems and gold or elixir. So it’s obvious that they won’t give unlimited gems for free. So if you think about the hack or unlimited gems, then forget about it.

Clash Royale Hack Reviews

There are various Clash royale hack gems free, free gems generator, hacks, and cheats website available on the internet. We made a list of 50-60 such websites and tested them each carefully. But here I’m testing one/two of them here.

Result 1:

hack clash royale

Site Name CLASH ROYALE ONLINE GENERATOR (I can’t share link for security purpose). When I load the site on my browser I saw two parts (There are most of the sites had presented a form to be filled. The form was in two parts) such as YOUR USERNAME and YOUR PLATFORM. So we went and filled the parts and PROCEED.

clash royale free gems

The second part of the form required us to select how many amount of gems and gold we want to be credited to our clash royale account. We went ahead and heated generate.

clash royale gems hack

The third part is Congrats me, and says you are almost done! Click on the Verify Now button below to complete human verification.

clash royale hack

Result 2:

When I go on clash royale-free-gems dot com /generator/ then, first of all, said me to connect my account.

free clash royale gems hacks

Second part to how many amount of gems and gold we need.

free clash royale gems

After click to start now then the final step to verify.

free gems for clash royale

So, now we are 100% convinced that all of these tools give us nothing. However, we are found out a legit way to get free gems in clash royale. Keep on reading the next section to find out how to get free gems in clash royale no hack.

How to hack clash royale?

To hack clash royale, First of all, you have to hack supercell server and then you can hack clash royale easily (I’m pretty sure which is illegal and crime too). But it’s not too easy at all. Their team member always protects their server from unknown attack.

Clash Royale Tips & Tricks for Beginners

To excel in clash royale you should consider following tips and tricks:

1. You have always tried to kill your enemy’s troops with your tower along with your troops and while it goes to other side pair it with other troops.

2. If you can’t have great offence as well as great defense. So first you have to choose your strategy- either strong offense or defense.

3. Never put your troops randomly. Know every time why and what you are sending?

4. Send your troops in pair which cancels each other’s weakness. Some good examples are valk along with prince, loon along with minion horde, giant skeleton along with valk, loons along with hogs, etc.

5. Always keep in mind to send strong but easily distracted troops like inferno dragon, prince , pekka, etc. when their strong enemy’s like skeleton army are already used.

6. You should atleast have a defensive building which can provide a shield for your towers in critical situation.

7. You have to play the game for enjoyment and not solely for winning, this way you will do better.

8. You can mislead your enemies by making use of taunts.

Finally, I would like to say that never trust clash royale hack tools and gems generator also keeps in mind that nothing is free in the world. Everything you have to earn. Hope this guide helped you a lot. If you have any question, you can ask on

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